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aphasia blasted off in 1998 when guitar player Mark Paul (guitars) sought out a keyboardist and found Pat Quinn. The two immediately connected spiritually - and inspired one another to start writing original tunes. The two of them were looking for a way to express a wide range of musical interests and styles, and found it with aphasia.

After a long battle with Dr. Midi, their conflict arising from a drawn-out search for a bassist and drummer finally resolved itself in 2001 when they found Jon Boone (basses) and Gary Smith. Both were looking for a challenge to their musical abilities as well as for kindred souls who could keep up with them. They found both in aphasia. Dr. Midi was summarily executed. Gary moved on, so the band found Larry Bard as their percussionist.

The quartet is currently in musical bliss, thank you. With the addition of Larry, we are learning new tunes and have started playing out again!

Although Pat & Mark recorded a demo CD ("hazardous material") using electronic drums and bass, the band embarked on their first all-originals CD ("almost live!"), which is now available. They will be recording a live CD in 2004.

Some of aphasia’s songs are best described as acid-jazz, though mostly the music is Latin-influenced fusion. They are reminiscent of tunes played by Lee (Ritenour), Larry (Carlton), Steve (Gadd), Buzz (Feiten),Stanley (Clarke), Miles (Davis), and Jan (Hammer). But with a future-focused attitude that can only be brought to life by long histories of playing in dark, dank and smoke-filled rooms. So, if you like a few major sevenths and some odd time signatures and weird-ass breaks, come on out!

Give them a listen and bring an extra pair of socks!

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